New & used equipment

Buy your new or used Balance or Scale from us

London based Balance Technology can supply a wide range of microbalances, analytical and top-pan balances, as well as industrial and medical scales, from all major balance and scale manufacturers, new and pre-owned.
Over the last 40+ years we have built a solid reputation providing a first class service in the supply, maintenance, repair and calibration of a wide range of balances and scales.

Weights of all standard sizes and classes are also available for either hire or purchase.

By customer demand, we now supply, install and service a range of complimentary equipment for laboratories, hospitals and industry including:

  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Physician scales
  • Special needs scales
  • Ultrasonic BMI scales
  • Swab scales
  • Neonatal and Pediatric scales
  • Handrail scales
  • Multifunction handrail scales
  • Wheelchair scales
  • Chair scales
  • Bed weighers

Used scales and balances

For a cost-effective solution where a new scale or balance is not an option, a range of pre-owned equipment is available. We find that many customers are glad to accept pre-owned equipment to replace items that cannot be serviced due to age.

For many, this can allow fully reconditioned and calibrated equipment (backed by a two year warranty) to be purchased from a departments equipment maintenance budget especially if replacing older equipment that can no longer be viably serviced.

This also enables you to purchase a higher quality equipment item at a similar cost compared to that would be paid for some of the new equipment other suppliers may be promoting.

Delivery and installation of most equipment is included in the cost of supply. (Subject to conditions).

A selection of our current stock of balances include:

Electronic balances

Sartorius A200S – 200gm x 0.0001gm. A later model analytical laboratory balance 

Mettler PK2000 – 2000gm x 0.01gm. Ideally suited as a basic laboratory balance for schools and colleges.

Mettler HK160 –  160gm x 0.0001gm. Hanging Pan Balance A high quality analytical laboratory balance. £495 + VAT

Electro-mechanical balances

Mettler H20/H51/AR models – 160gm x 0.01mg.
£399 + VAT 


2 year guarantee with electronic balances 

1 year guarantee with mechanical balances