Victorian scales

Balance Technology and our heritage

These genuine antique scales were manufactured in Great Britain, circa 1880 by George Salter (scalemakers since 1760). They were a familiar sight around England until 1940, and they can now become a familiar sight on your premises.

Around the turn of the century, one thousand of these beautiful old scales were sent to the British colony of Australia by tall sailing ships, and placed at railway stations and outside post offices throughout the Commonwealth. 

During World War II, other scales in England were recalled by the British War Ministry and recycled for their iron and brass content to help with the war effort. The only known scale of this type left in England is in the British Railway Museum in York.

Restoration has now been completed by Victorian Scales on these machines. They originally operated on one penny, and have now been converted to take a £1 coin.

Available for you to earn income:

You will receive 25% of all revenue collected.

Victorian Scales owns these units and will place them at your chosen site at no expense to you, in your choice of colour (Silver is the standard colour)

We will supply free servicing and routine maintenance at regular intervals.

Scales can be delivered to your site within 14 days.

Due to their low maintenance and no power requirements, these scales are proving popular in shopping centres

We have also placed them in theme parks and places of historical interest in Australia, Tasmania, California and Hawaii, so that once again our customers can weigh themselves on a Grand Scale“.